How to clean your silver jewelry? (4 ways)

There are many different ways to clean your silver jewelry. In this blog we are going to explain to you multiple ways to get your silver jewelry nice and clean. When you wear jewelry often it is quite logical that a piece of jewelry will get dirty. In principle this is not a problem as you can almost always get dirt off. With damage this is of course a different story, for this you really have to go to the jeweler.

Chances are that silver jewelry will discolor because of a chemical reaction. Maybe you have ever heard of oxidation. This means when silver mixes with hydrogen sulfide a chemical reaction occurs that causes silver to disappear. Most of the time you will see a black layer.

For some people this happens faster than others because of the difference in humidity & the acidity of your skin. These 2 things together cause the speed at which this happens. But don't worry this can often be taken off, we are going to explain this to you below.

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Cleaning silver jewelry with silver polishing cloth

A common solution to clean your silver jewelry is by using a silver polishing cloth. This is a special cloth made to clean silver. Such a cloth is prepared with a polishing agent so you don't need anything else. The cloth also has a light polishing effect which makes your jewelry shine again.

The cloth should not be washed or made wet. This will cause the polish to come off. If you are going to clean your jewelry the cloth will be black but this is not a problem. The blacker the cloth, the better you can polish, because black has a polishing effect. Now and then you have to polish a little harder if it does not want to become clean immediately, but in principle it should be clean after a while.

clean silver jewelry

Dish Soap

Another way to clean a silver piece of jewelry is with the help of dish soap. In this, it is important that you perform the following steps:

1. Fill a container with lukewarm water
2. Fill a small amount of dishwashing detergent
3. Dip your jewelry in it
4. Gently brush your jewelry with a soft (clean) brush this could also be a toothbrush
5. Rinse your jewelry with lukewarm water
6. Dry with a lint-free cloth

Once you have performed these steps the ring should be clean. You could then polish it with a silver cloth to give it an extra shine.

Silver polish

Silver polish is also often used to clean jewelry. Basically you can order silver polish online and there are quite a few suppliers. Often you can also get it in your own supermarket. Silver polish is liquid and comes in a jar. The effect of the silver polish is often mentioned on the jar itself or in the product description of the shop if you ordered it online.


Toothpaste is also something you wouldn't think of but can come in handy when cleaning your jewelry. There are a few things to keep in mind before applying toothpaste to your jewelry.

For example, you need a toothpaste without too many chemical ingredients. The toothpaste should be as natural as possible because if it contains a lot of chemical ingredients it can actually stimulate oxidation because it can have a corrosive effect.

Once you have rubbed your jewelry with toothpaste, it is again important that you rub it with a soft & clean brush. Then rinse it again with lukewarm water and use a lint-free (clean) cloth to dry it off.

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