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Ring sizer

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Do you also think it is difficult to buy a ring online when you don't know your ring size? Or do you want to get started making your own rings? With the ring stick, these problems are easily solved! The ring sizer set includes both the yardstick and the ring size stick. With the ring gauge you measure your ring size in different measurement units. So you always know you have the right ring size!

✓ Suitable for all ring sizes!
✓ The ring gauge contains both EU, UK and US ring sizes!
✓ Made of durable polished metal!
✓ Simple & Easy to use!

Method of use:
The ring gauge works very simply. See the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Using the rings, determine which size fits best on your finger.
2. When you have found the right ring keep it aside.
3. Now slide the ring size you found in step 2 back onto the gauge. Slide the ring down as far as possible.
4. The spot where the ring sticks is your ring size. You can read this on the different sides of the yardstick.
The rod can also be used to read the size of your current rings!

Package Contents:
When ordering the ring, you will receive 2 different products:

  • Finger measurement set
  • Ring size stick


  • Size: 24.7x3x3 inches
  • Material: Durable Polished Metal
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Package contains: 1 set of ring measures and 1 yardstick/ring stick

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